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About Me

Somatic and Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist

Born and raised in the South of France,

I chose to study psychology in the USA for the quality of its teaching and its excellent research in neurosciences and trauma treatments.

I have a MA in Counselling Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Somatic or body psychology approaches the person as a whole and integrates the body into psychotherapy. 


Soma = body in ancient Greek

For many of us, we have been brought up in a society in which our body and mind have been treated as two separate entities. Somatic psychotherapy reminds us of how important our mind-body experience is. Somatic therapy creates a space to acknowledge that the body and the mind are in relationship.

Body psychotherapy is proven to support you :

  • processing and integrating traumatic experiences

  • to put words on feelings and behaviors that sometimes are difficult to convey,

  • to mindfully notice your body's responses and intuitive impulses to unwind patterns and habits that no longer serve you,

  • to replace old habits and negative self-talk with new tools and habits that are transformational,

  • to learn how to regulate your emotions, 

  • to feel better about yourself and enhance your relationships

  • to support those going through difficult times (grief, loss of a job, disease...).

Whether feeling stuck or experiencing emotional or physical pain, finding support is the first step toward well-being.

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My trainings

Master of Arts, Counseling Psychology - Concentration in Somatic Psychology

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco


Internal Family Systems (IFS) for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, & More

Intensive online course with Dr. Richard Schwartz & Dr. Frank Anderson


The Internal Family System (IFS) model 

Aden Psy -Center for Psychotherapy & Trauma Training, France

Dissociation and The Window of Tolerance 

Aden Psy -Center for Psychotherapy & Trauma Training, France

Lifespan Integration Therapy 

Aden Psy -Center for Psychotherapy & Trauma Training, France

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I work with

  • Trauma

  • Chronic diseases / chronic pain

  • Anxiety / stress

  • Life transitions

  • Complex family dynamics

  • Co-dependencies

  • Grief

  • Repetitive patterns

  • Neurodivergent folks

  • The LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Expats

What we develop and explore in therapy:

  • Develop the ability to feel, become familiar with, and recognize one's emotions

  • Define, understand, and open a dialogue with your emotions and your body

  • Learn to regulate your emotions so that you no longer are at the mercy of them

  • Become aware of behaviors that are no longer necessary today

  • Evaluate the frequency and intensity of emotional/ physical pain and repetitive patterns

  • Building self-worth and confidence,

  • Knowing and expressing your needs and limits


Goals :

  • Well-being within yourself, your environment, and your relationships

  • Emotional stability and growth

psychothérapie, psychopraticien, psychocorporel, thérapie psychocorporelle, psychologie


07 57 83 84 89 



Online Therapy

Office opening soon in Hérault, France

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