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Psychothérapie, somatic psychotherapy, therapist, thérapie psychocorporelle, psychologie

About Me

I am a somatic and trauma-informed psychotherapist & coach

Born and raised in the South of France,

I chose to study psychology in the USA for the quality of its teaching and its excellent research in neurosciences and trauma treatments.

I have a MA in Counselling Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Somatic or body psychology approaches the person as a whole and integrates the body into psychotherapy. 


soma = body in ancient Greek

For many of us, we have been brought up in a society in which our body and mind have been treated as two separate entities. Somatic psychotherapy reminds us of how important our mind-body experience is. Somatic therapy creates a space to acknowledge that the body and the mind are in relationship.

Body psychotherapy is proven to support you :

  • processing and integrating traumatic experiences

  • to put words on feelings and behaviors that sometimes are difficult to convey,

  • to mindfully notice your body's responses and intuitive impulses to unwind patterns and habits that no longer serve you,

  • to replace old habits and negative self-talk with new tools and habits that are transformational,

  • to learn how to regulate your emotions, 

  • to feel better about yourself and enhance your relationships

  • to support those going through difficult times (grief, loss of a job, disease...).

Whether feeling stuck or experiencing emotional or physical pain, finding support is the first step toward well-being.


Somatic psychotherapy 
Voici Amélie


(For confidential purposes, names have been changed)  

"Alice is an incredible healer and coach! She is both gentle and firm…an energetic combination that even these words don’t do justice in conveying! Her compassion and gentleness created such a supportive and trusting environment for me in which I felt safe enough to explore my edges and the parts of me that I don’t know how to be with.Calling out the bullshit in a way that is still incredibly soft and loving. She has challenged me to not only trust myself, but learn to feel into my own power. Through our work I have become so much more compassionate with myself while also not being afraid to take up more space in my life. After 32 years of conditioning, the people pleaser in me has truly taken a back seat!! My self-worth and confidence have grown tremendously in my work with her.

— Deana

Psychothérapie, somatic psychotherapy, thérapie psychocorporelle, psychologie, coaching


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