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What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Also called Body Psychotherapy (UK), this approach includes the body within the therapeutical work. Somatic Psychotherapy supports clients who struggle with relational, emotional and physical difficulties.

All emotions go through the body: when stressed, we say that we have "a pit in the stomach", sweaty palms, difficulty finding our words...

Therefore we explore these bodily sensations in therapy in different ways:

  • cognitively: what do you think about when you are stressed? - I'm useless, I'm not going to make it...,

  • behaviorally : how do you react to this stress? - I can't swallow anything, I avoid this situation, I become irritable...,

  • bodily: How do you feel in your body when you are under stress? - my thoughts are fuzzy, my heart is racing, my hands are shaking...


When trauma is present, talk therapy alone is not enough. To relieve symptoms, somatic psychotherapy offers adaptive tools and they help us to allow the body and the mind to calm down and regulate the nervous system.  

There are many somatic tools: mindfulness, breathing, visualizations, IFS... 

And they allow to:

  • verbalize feelings and emotions, 

  • calm the mind,

  • learn to regulate emotions,

  • treat traumas. 


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